Available Inspections

We provide our clients with detailed, high quality residential home and property inspections. Each inspection is conducted within the certifications, standards of practice, and code of ethics of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNachi). Every inspection is conducted with attention to detail in order to expose any problems or issues with the home or property. Thorough inspections allow our clients to make the best decision possible regarding maintenance, repairs, selling and buying. 

Sellers Pre-Listing Inspection

Get an inspection of your home before listing it for sale. Doing so allows any issues with your home to be corrected before listing, which can increase the sale price and gives the seller bargaining power. Buyers are always looking for a turn-key home, showing them the inspection report along with any repairs is an excellent selling point. 

Buyers Pre-Closing Inspection

An inspection of a home before closing can make the buyer fully aware of any issues, thus allowing said buyer to make the best decision possible. It also gives the buyer bargaining power and allows for preparation of any future home maintenance.

Termite Inspection

Homes in Oklahoma have a greater than 50% chance of termite infestation within the first 5 years of being built. We are a certified and licensed pest control company through the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, & Forestry (ODAFF) to provide Structural Inspections for the presence of termites and other wood-destroying insects. Termite inspections are FREE with every full home inspection or they can be purchased as a stand-alone inspection. 

11th Month Warranty Inspections

Most new home construction comes with a warranty. Getting an inspection of a new home can potentially save money and frustration. Gain an extensive working knowledge of your home, protect your investment, and safety of your family. Find out about any issues and get them repaired before the warranty expires. 

Add-on and Ancillary Inspections

Many homes have additional structures on the property, such as barns, shops, sheds, tiny homes, pools, spas and more. Sewer Scopes, HVAC Duct Scopes, Termite Inspections, Fireplace & Chimney, Water Quality Testing and more are available as an add on or by themselves. Ask about our ancillary and add-on inspections to be quoted with your home inspection. 

 Single/ Limited Scope Inspections

Many of our clients only wish to have a certain part or area of their home inspected. Whether it is your pool or spa, chimney, plumbing, electrical, attic, insulation, or any other area call us today to request a price quote.    

Phase Inspections 

We offer draw and phase inspections for many of our clients. Phase inspections are conducted during certain phases of the homes construction. This ensures that different contractors are communicating with each other during construction and installation of materials. Phase inspections help to reduce or eliminate any unforeseen or  hidden defects in your home.   

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