Wesley Clymer, Owner/Inspector

InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector #22042018

InterNACHI School is the only accredited secondary school in the United States providing training and certifications to home inspectors.  

Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association #: CCPIA-002585

The CCPIA is affiliated with InterNACHI and both organizations are the leading certification and training associations for home and building inspectors across the United States. Stud 2 Stud Property Inspections is one of the few inspection companies in Oklahoma certified through the CCPIA. We aim to provide inspections specifically for commercial properties and commercial real estate transactions. 

Oklahoma Construction Industries Board Certified Home Inspector OK#70002807

The Oklahoma Construction Industries Board requires each home inspector to complete and pass a board-approved 90-hour home inspection training course. Every home inspector is then required to pass the NHIE and carry liability insurance in order to gain certification and perform inspections in Oklahoma.  

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, & Forestry (ODAFF) LIC# 9983

Stud 2 Stud Property Inspections is licensed to conduct structural pest inspections in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma Law requires anyone conducting pest inspections to be certified pesticide applicators and licensed pest control companies. This is the same certification and training that pest control companies must have but we choose to only provide the inspection. There are three separate exams and two days of in person training that each inspector must pass in order to provide termite and pest inspections in Oklahoma.   

National Home Inspector Examination

Passing the NHIE exam is required in Oklahoma and is the hardest exam to pass for home inspectors. Home Inspectors who pass the exam are immediately field competent and ready to work. I am grateful to have passed the NHIE on the first try.  

University of Oklahoma, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice    

Wesley Clymer, Inspector - OK#: 70002807, ODAFF#: 9983, InterNACHI#: 22042018


Pawnee, OK 74058